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Test Your Business Insurance IQ

A Business Insurance Update

We don’t expect you to be experts in business insurance, but we thought it might be fun to test you on what you do know about your business insurance. Business insurance is designed to cover unexpected losses. We can offer a wide range of business insurance options, so please call our office today.

Business Insurance Quiz (answers at the end)

1. Your deductible is the amount you are responsible for if a covered loss occurs.

2. Flood and earthquake coverage are always part of your business property coverage.
3. Cyber Insurance is protection against losses caused by hackers from businesses dealing strictly in e-commerce, but it does not exist.

4.Business Interruption covers your lost income no matter what kind of loss closes your business.

5.My employees are prohibited from suing me, as this would be a workers’ compensation claim.

Oakwood operates as an independent insurance agency, selling an extensive spectrum of insurance to businesses, families, and individuals.  Our competitive advantage comes from the objective and professional service that we provide our access to a wide range of carriers, and our extensive knowledge of the insurance marketplace.  We offer to take the time to sit with our clients to review coverages and explain why the coverages are important for their particular need.


1. True- The insurer pays after that up to the policy limits.

2. False- You need to add this coverage under a separate policy

3. False- Cyber insurance can be purchase by all business

4. False- Business interruption only applies to covered losses under the policy

5. False- Your employees have rights under federal and state laws to sue you if they feel they have been wronged.  You would need employment practices liability insurance in order to protect you and your business from employee lawsuits.


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